Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Myshka gets it done! I've had excellent results as he has both treated me and has also instructed me on how to fix some behaviors in my life that have contributed to chiropractic problems."

- Tom H.

"I've been going to the same chiropractor for 12 years following an auto accident in 2000. The shoulder and neck pain from the accident never totally went away, so for 12 years I have had more painfully uncomfortable days than not. Through a strange turn of events it became clear a second opinion might be wise. Especially after I met Dr. Myshka. I should also mention that I am a fitness fanatic and have seldom missed a workout in the past 15 years. I bring this up because my trainers also said there is something going on with my hips. So imagine my surprise when Dr. Myshka but the films on the screen for me to see and even I could see that my hips were tilted and my spine had an abnormal curve, scoliosis! Dr. Myshka immediately explained his six-week plan and went to work. By the second week I had no more pain in my shoulders and neck. He also gave me a lift to wear in my right shoe the second week, (which I accepted reluctantly) because apparently my right leg is considerably shorter. It was a bit strange at first but now I'm wishing I'd had it long ago.
This week (4/19/13) marks the end of the sixth week, I'm amazed how everything has changed. No more shoulder and neck pain at all! No more trap pain and all which is something that had become quite annoying! The difference in movement between my right and left shoulder and the ability to move the same is finally coming together. The strength is balancing as it had become lopsided. No more knots in my back across my shoulder blades which is something I have been plagued with for quite some time. I could not be more pleased with what Dr. Myshka has done for me and for enlightening me with what was really going on. I must admit I was beginning to think that age was catching up with me and I was losing it before he started working with me. Turns out I wasn't losing anything, I was just misaligned. And now that I'm not I cannot believe how great everything feels, and I'm actually getting stronger again!"

- Rick S.


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