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Auto Injury in Fayetteville AR

car accident


In a car accident, sudden movements of the head and neck can lead to injury known as “whiplash.” The Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine reported that chiropractic was “the only proven effective treatment” for whiplash. Fortunately, your insurance will normally cover the cost of chiropractic treatment for neck injuries in auto accidents.

Learn more about whiplash, auto accidents, and chiropractic care from Dr. Myshka’s article in Today’s Man Magazine.


An auto collision is traumatic. Unfortunately, often the suffering doesn’t end there. The symptoms of whiplash and similar injuries can develop months or even years after the accident.

Symptoms of damage to the spine can include not just neck pain, but also pain that you might ignore or fail to associate with the collision:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • shoulder pain
  • pain in hand or arm
  • jaw or facial pain
  • dizziness or disorientation

Here’s what happens: the car is going forward, and so are the people in the car. The car hits something, and the sudden slowing of the car causes the people in the car to be pushed backward quite suddenly. Sometimes the car is hit from behind, so that the car accelerates suddenly, and then you put on your brakes, causing a sudden slowing which pushes you back in your seat.

Either way, as you can see in our videos, the head is thrown back and forth, beyond the limits of normal movement. Ligaments can be torn and damaged, and the muscles can also shorten as they try to support the head. The neck may even be pushed in both directions so quickly that it actually forms an S curve, an unnatural position that can cause significant damage.

Modern imaging tools like CAT scans and ultrasound can show the soft tissue damage, even if there are no broken bones, and your insurance company will generally cover your treatment.


Research in both Japan and the United States has shown that chiropractic is the most effective treatment for whiplash and similar injuries. Some researchers have been unable to determine why chiropractic is better for auto accident injuries of this type than surgical treatment, though. Recently, new information about the actions of the neck and spine during car collisions has shown that these injuries affect the discs and the facet joints, both of which are treated in chiropractic care.

Estimates of the extent of whiplash and similar injuries each year range from one to three million sufferers. The range and variety of symptoms make it difficult to pin down the numbers, but some researchers claim that half of all auto injuries include whiplash effects.

If you’ve been in a car accident, and particularly if you feel that your injuries haven’t been diagnosed accurately, you should call Fayetteville Family Chiropractic Center at (479) 442-0676 to arrange for a consultation. We’ll assist with your insurance, as well.


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